Experimenting in Graphic Design

In the past week I have been using my iPhone frequently to take photos. I also have touched on this subject in previous posts and I still am struggling with it. I have been trying out more of the apps everyone raves about for photography. “Make your pictures beautiful in 10 seconds” they say and comparing my photos with others. I admit the process is fun and easy, but as I have expressed in previous posts about the same subject, it’s not photography. Completely changing a photo beyond recognition is graphic design. I believe they should be separated and a line has to be drawn somewhere. Why, you might ask. Well I hate when I want to buy, what I think is a photograph, in a gallery and I ask them how they took it. The “photographer” tells me well it was taken at a lake, “but I didn’t like the size of the lake so I made it smaller in photoshop. Oh and I also eliminated the trees over here and replaced them with rocks from another picture.”

What? Seriously? So this lake doesn’t even exist? Not sure how or why the gallery curator let the “photographer” label it as a photograph. Don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful piece of art work, but it certainly wasn’t photography. Legitimate photography contests wouldn’t allow it in the contest unless they had a specific category for it. Label as it is, which is graphic design or even an altered print. For that reason I didn’t buy it. I didn’t buy it because I could never go there or dream to go there. I didn’t buy it because I simply believe photography should be done through the camera.

So even though this is a photography blog just for this last week I dabbled in graphic design. I took these photos from my iPhone and changed them in befunky pro. Now they are crazy pieces of art that I think could be become cool pieces in a collage or something cool to paint from. But I stand by my decision that they are not photography.







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