34/365 Art is Necessary

Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week! It’s not because Monday is over and I am getting close to the weekend, but because I feel I get to make a difference in someone’s life today. On Tuesdays I mentor a girl who has had some troubling times. At the program today I asked her what her favorite subject is. First she told me lunch and recess, which are important but not a subject in class. So she thought about it for minute. She answered art! I was pretty excited about that answer. However, as soon as she answered the supervisor of the program laughed, actually cackled at the answer and said art was not a subject. I was sort of annoyed and later was furious. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe that’s not what she meant. I, on the other hand, took it differently.

Not a subject? Really? What would happen if we didn’t teach art projects in preschool and kindergarten? We wouldn’t be very good at cutting with scissors. We wouldn’t learn the motor skills from scribbling, which eventually help us draw letters. We wouldn’t know our colors or shapes. We wouldn’t develop the proper cognitive skills. Putting pieces of paper, crayon, paint or whatever material it is together to make something recognizable, comes from the basis of art projects in the early grades. As we get older the same motor and cognitive skills apply they are just more fine tuned. Examples would be an architect drawing building plans, graphic designer creating advertising, a furniture designer, a fashion designer, and the list could go on. Everyday objects we use were invented, drawn up, created like an art project, but not necessarily called that.  In the adult world it’s just our work and we are not labeled artist, but a specific job title. 

With that in mind, art is not only important it is necessary! It develops the imagination to come up with inventions like cars, clothes, houses, furniture, magazines, TVs, TV shows, video games and much more. Take away art and what kind of people are developing. Robots, possibly! Oh wait! Robots are invented using imagination and mediums used in art. Art even developed communication in ancient societies like Egypt. It was used in the paleolithic periods on cave walls. People can’t escape it, it’s everywhere. It is a part of us and should never be overlooked!

2 thoughts on “34/365 Art is Necessary

  1. You go girl! Art education is typically an afterthought and viewed as the most expendable. But it so important for many kids … it can help them express,interpret and understand their emotions. and lets not forget it can be cathertic and therapeutic for adults!!!

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