26/365 Watching the Clouds Go By

White, puffy, serene cotton like balls filled the sky today! What is it that I am talking about? Clouds, of course! Slowly clouds have moved across today’s cool blue sky filling the Sierra Nevada with much-needed snow. I only wish the clouds would stop and let some of that moisture fall in the Sacramento Valley. However, their appearance makes me hopeful that we will get some rain soon. Their appearance also created my theme for today. I took pictures of different clouds all day mainly using my iPhone and little of my Nikon D40 with my 50mm lens. I felt like a kid again watching the clouds go by.

As every kid probably did, we would lay in the moist grass at recess and made the clouds into recognizable shapes. I mostly made them into animals. Since then, I haven’t really “watched” them. I decided it was time to. In the middle of working I’d take my five minute breaks outside to watch and take cloud pictures. As employees walked out of the adjacent building they stared. I guess it would be a little strange to see someone in the parking lot pointing a camera straight into the sky, but I didn’t care. Taking the time to watch the clouds again, if only for a couple of minutes, was relaxing. I wish I had the time to do it everyday as a way to meditate or just unwind from the business of life. Unfortunately, as the sun set I was inside the crossift gym unable to see the clouds in different colors. I’ll probably save that idea for another day.

Nikon Images

iPhone images

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