25/365 Early Blossoms

Today was a good day for a good hike. We had planned to go next to Folsom Lake along the river. I thought since there was no wind today it would be the perfect opportunity for pictures. We drove to the location and discovered a ton of people riding bikes. When we go for hikes we don’t really like to see other people on the trail. I believe it takes away from the experience of being outdoors. Disappointed we headed up the road to Highway 49 to discover the same thing at the next trail we had picked out. We finally realized that every spot would be crowded, since the weather is so perfect. Instead, we just went for a drive and explored roads we’d seen before, but didn’t know where they went. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures on our little jaunt, just some new places to keep in mind for our next outing. However, when we got home went we for a walk on Folsom’s fabulous trail system and found these wonderful blooming trees!

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