4/365 Tomato Can Series

It took me awhile to get to the next three photos you’re going to see. At first I thought some splatters of tomato sauce on my white stove top were going to be oh so artistic! They turned out to be complete duds and it looked more just like someone was documenting a big mess. So I staged the tomato can with the splatters, which was even worse and super cheesy. Looked like I was taking picture for a Sears catalog. The pictures weren’t even close to any artistic vision I was striving for. It wasn’t until I gave up and starting cleaning. I was rinsing the cans out when I saw the beautiful shine the cans gave. AH HA! There it was, the perfect opportunity for some artistic photos. I angled a flash light inside the can to give it some depth and texture, then voila! Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as well!

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