I was mostly in the house today and from the moment I woke up I was thinking about today’s photo. When I sat down for breakfast my placemat caught my eye. It’s beautifully woven with many bright colors. I thought this would be the perfect subject for today’s photo, then come to figure out it wasn’t. Thank goodness my bike sits next to my dinner table (I live in a small place). The spokes on the wheel were fun to look at and I always like spinning the tire! I thought if I made the motion in the photo it would be spectacular and again I was disappointed. 😦 I finally figured out that the lines that the spokes made flying from it’s center point was the most interesting part.

I thought I’d throw in a bonus picture of the tree from my back porch. I was experimenting with night photography and thought the side lighting from the street lamp made the bark look extra texturized. It also made it look kind of creepy and old.


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